Gifts From Strangers

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Article by Emily Fischer
Communications Administrative Assistant

Sometimes, I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas gift giving. I really love the act of giving but I have trouble with the consumerism and materialism that Christmas has become. Gifts are NOT my love language so I don’t mind not receiving gifts. I consider being able to spend time with loved ones a bigger gift than anything material I could ever receive. After all, they’re what’s coming to Heaven with me, not my possessions of this world.

I have to remember that some people’s love language IS gifts — they love both giving and receiving gifts, especially at Christmastime. Neither attitude is wrong — it’s just how God wired each of us and I think He enjoys creating the diversity in us.

Should you fall into the gift-givers category and want to do something a little different this year, check out Our Wishlist online or listed in the Gateway Woods 2020 calendar! It’s amazing how receiving gifts from strangers can minister to our residents. They are amazed that people whom they’ve never met can love them so much.

Whether you’re a gift giver or not, thank you for your support, prayers, and love this year! May we never forget Who the ultimate gift is this season, and that it’s “not the manger but the Cross that sets the spirit free” (Hymns of Zion, #36).

Emily is currently the Communications Administrative Assistant for Gateway Woods. She has also worked as the Office Secretary.