Volunteering at Gateway is so much more than work.

This is one of the awesome things about volunteering at Gateway Woods: not only does your time help beautify our campus, prepare for the Auction and more, but it also shows something very unique to the residents. It is shocking for a resident to see someone willing to give of themselves for no personal benefit. That just doesn’t compute. If you would like to begin impacting lives through volunteering your time at Gateway Woods then please fill out the application below.


In the past two years of volunteering at Gateway, I have grown so much through the experiences and relationships I have made! It was really special connecting with the residents and getting to know the houseparents. I can’t wait for next summer!

Braedon (Volunteer)

As a houseparent, summers are always the hardest to manage. Volunteers are a breath of fresh air and help bring the campus to life.

Jon (Former Houseparent)

I feel the love and see the love all around because of all they (volunteers) have done for Gateway.

Tracy (Former Resident)

Ways to Volunteer

Ways to Volunteer


Whether you have a green thumb or just like working outside, we have plenty of jobs for you.

Examples: mulching, trimming bushes, planting, weeding, mowing. Email us to share your talents.


Getting video of campus/staff is not something we always have time to do — do you?

Examples: Shadowing staff to get video content. Email us to share your talents.


Our residents and former residents need positive role models in their lives.

Example: LARC mentoring. Email us to share your talents.


Exercise is a good outlet and a perfect bonding experience for our residential kids.

Examples: Guys basketball, ladies aerobics, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and dodgeball. Email us to share your talents.


With a 40-year-old campus and over 50 staff, there’s always something that needs to be fixed.

Examples: electrical, plumbing, drywall, roofing. Email us to share your talents.



Often times our houseparents could use some extra help transporting residents to various appointments.

Example: A day or two a week, after school running appointments. Email us to share your talents.


You can’t have a singing without a song leader/musician; some of our residents would love to learn to play an instrument.

Examples: Campus praise singings, instrument tutoring. Email us to share your talents.


If you have the gift of storytelling in written form, we’d love to have you as a guest author.

Examples: Blog, GatePost, Restoring Hope, or Silver Lining articles. Email us to share your talents.


It takes hundreds of volunteers to make it a smooth ride every first Saturday in August.

Examples: Clerking, cashier, trash, parking, carrying items. Email us to share your talents.


If you’re not afraid of a camera, we could use you as a model (this honors client confidentiality).

Examples: Fall photo shoot, pictures for social sharing. Email us to share your talents.


When there is staff or resident turnover, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders.

Examples: outbuildings, bedrooms, offices, apartments. Email us to share your talents.

Become a Volunteer

Emergency Contact
Work & Volunteer Experience

Open this form and share the link with two people who you know well and can provide a character reference for you. These could include a work supervisor, teacher/professor, church leader, relative (outside immediate family), or a friend. The forms should be sent back to the Volunteer Coordinator by the references.

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