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Leave a lasting legacy through creative planned giving options.

Leave a Legacy with charitable planned giving, and other creative tools and approaches that can offer you advantages today and tomorrow — all while making a lasting impact for future generations. A range of plans are available for giving that is right for your financial situation, current income, and future expectations. Some of these options include estate planning, farm commodities, securities, annuities, and much more. If you would like to be a part of our legacy please fill out the form below.


I am so thankful for everyone that has given money and time to lead so many children, including me, to God's path and will.

Titus (Former Resident)

When I first came to Gateway, I was an atheist. Now I know there is a God, but I am not sure where we stand yet?

Paula (Former Resident)

Gateway Woods is a great place to come and launch your career in the social work or mental health field. I am so thankful for the 7.5 years I worked onsite, and I am also thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve Gateway Woods on a long-distance basis. 

Kirby (Former Counselor)

Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds are a simple and effective way to manage your charitable giving. It starts with a contribution of cash or assets, and then you advise on how those funds are distributed to your favorite charities.


Farm Commodities: Farming presents special opportunities to make donations and reduce taxes. Making a gift of farm products such as grain, dairy, honey and more will not only bless Gateway but also provide tax benefits.

Establish a Will

Every adult should have a will to provide for their family and loved ones upon their death. A will enables you to extend your stewardship legacy beyond your lifetime while ensuring your desires are fulfilled.

Retirement Assets

Your IRA, 401K, 403B or pension is a great way to make a gift to your favorite charity. In addition, you may satisfy your required minimum distributions and reduce your taxable income.

Real Estate

A gift of property, such as your home, vacation property, farmland or commercial property could be a great way to leave a lasting legacy. This donation could provide significant income or estate tax benefits.


Giving long-term appreciated securities such as stocks or bonds is an easy way to make a difference. This option provides an immediate charitable tax deduction and potential capital gains tax savings.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance are practical, affordable and easy way to bless a charitable organization. Significant gifts you may have not thought possible are attainable through this option.

Charitable Trusts

Charitable trust giving options offer a way to set aside and direct how your assets can be used for the benefit of charities. They also provide payments to non-charitable parties, such as heirs or back to you.

Promise Fund

Please consider our needs and your resources in making gifts towards the goals of the Promise Fund: this generation's promise of love to future children who will need the life-changing services of Gateway Woods.


Gift annuities are a great way to help Gateway Woods while securing your future. It provides guaranteed fixed payments for life and frees you from managing funds that you intend to eventually give away.

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