Apply today for a scholarship towards your social services degree.

The Gateway Woods Social Services Scholarship supports students who are enrolled in undergraduate or post-graduate work leading to a degree in the social services field. The purpose of the scholarship is to:

  1.  Encourage Apostolic Christian Church members and their children to work in social services nationwide. 
  2.  Encourage Apostolic Christian Church members to consider employment at Gateway Woods.


Any member of the Apostolic Christian Church of America or friend that attends on a regular basis is welcome to apply. Consideration is given to faith, commitment, clarity of education and career vision, work and volunteer experience related to the field, and financial need. Awards have most often been given to upper classmen/women and graduate students.

Awards & Procedure

These scholarships can be used to pay for tuition, books or other related educational costs. We are now accepting applications until June 18, 2021.

All applicants and recipients are invited to reapply for future scholarships.


There is no employment commitment on behalf of Gateway Woods associated with the award of a scholarship. We encourage anyone who receives a scholarship to consider a staff position at Gateway Woods in the future.

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Scholarships Given Since 2012


June 18, 2021 Deadline


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I was privileged to receive the Gateway Woods Scholarship while I was completing my undergraduate work. The financial assistance was certainly helpful but even more so, receiving the scholarship encouraged me to press forward toward pursuing a degree in counseling. I look back and feel very blessed to have received this scholarship and believe the Lord used it to help pay for tuition and direct me forward.

Brian (Scholarship Recipient)

My wife and I had just got married and were going back to Graduate School for the fall semester when we received a scholarship from Gateway Woods. We had been praying for financial provision in the form of a scholarship or a tuition waiver and God answered our prayers through Gateway Woods by providing us the scholarship we needed to pay our tuition bills! I am thankful for the Lord's work through Gateway Woods, not only in what they've done for us, but for their faithful ministry.

Ty (Scholarship Recipient)

I was entering my last year of graduate school and due to a required internship, I was not eligible for a tuition waiver from my University. This meant, of course, that I would be paying for the whole year out of pocket. That's when I received a scholarship from Gateway Woods that helped me significantly. I am so thankful to the Lord for His provision and for Gateway Woods!

Brenna (Scholarship Recipient)

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Work & Volunteer Experience


(at least one relative & one work reference)

Please submit with this application a 500-1000 word essay on “Why I chose to further my education in the social services field.” Be specific, feel free to include individuals, classes, work and volunteer experiences that influenced your educational or career direction, and describe how this scholarship will help you. (Please type the essay with double spacing.)