YOU restore hope to families.

Can you imagine a world where families stay intact? Where kids are loved and accepted? Where adoption and foster care are no longer in existence because there’s no shortage of parents who will provide and care for their own children? Where places like Gateway Woods are not needed?

Unfortunately, our world is a long way off from that possibility. Every day, kids of all ages are hurting because their parents are not able to take care of them. Some are in foster care from the day they are born. Some go through their teenage years anticipating turning 18, only to find that when they do, the system in place to protect them as a minor is no longer available to them as an adult. Some go their whole childhoods without every hearing the name of Jesus as anything but a curse word.

It is the mission of Gateway Woods to provide help and healing for hurting kids and families. By donating to that mission, you are restoring their hope of a bright future. And with the hope of a future, they can then go on to bless others who also need that same hope.

With each child and family that has hope restored, you put the world one step closer to a day where places like Gateway Woods are not needed.