Serving as a Family

Jon Ringger Profile
Article by Jon Ringger
Communications Coordinator

Jon & Beth Ringger came to Gateway Woods as houseparents about three years ago. Due to some changes at Jon’s job, and the closing of an adoption door due to a pregnancy, the Ringger’s decided to act on their desire to serve in a mission environment as a family by joining the Gateway Woods team.

Doing life with these residents is a lot of fun, but also gets really dirty sometimes.

"There can be some fear when making a big career move like this. It can feel like you’re putting your life on hold. We found that our life was not put on hold, but rather it just changed! Some people think, 'if I go to Gateway my career will be set back,' but in reality taking a few years to serve others is very eye-opening to a potential employer. Houseparenting sharpens great character traits that employers are seeking," Jon shares.

"Doing life with these residents is a lot of fun, but also gets really dirty sometimes. I like to think that we are putting a figurative pebble in their shoe, and someday it will be uncomfortable enough that they will remember back to what they learned here. The reality is that many of these kids will backslide at some point in the future. But put yourself in their shoes for just a second. Think about yourself as a 16 or 17-year old. You probably had a fantastic foundation and yet still made some bad decisions at that time, I know I did. These kids have no foundation, and sure, many of them still choose poorly, but it is amazing to see their growth. We aren’t so different from these kids. We may have been given a lot more, but we are still sinners saved by grace."

Jon and Beth have poured three years of their lives into the ministry of houseparenting. Starting in September, Jon will transition into the role of Communications Coordinator.

Jon is currently the Communications Coordinator at Gateway Woods. He has also worked as a Houseparent.