Hickory & Oak House Renovations

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Article by Ross Feller
Former Communications Coordinator

In 2015, we began a significant renovation of the two original homes on campus, the Hickory and Oak houses. As of November the renovation of Hickory house has been completed and Oak house is nearing completion.

We would like to personally thank everyone who supported this project through their donations and hard work! - Ryan & Bethany Donaghy

These renovations were not just meant to modernize the look of the homes. While they do improve the look very much, the purpose is really to provide a more open environment. This allows the houseparents to “keep an eye” on the residents in a way that is so much more conducive to building a trusting relationship. “The most effective type of supervision happens when the kids don’t feel like they are being supervised. The open floor plan really allows us to keep an eye on the kids without seeming awkward about it,” says Ryan Donaghy, one of the Hickory houseparents. For example, it is now possible for the houseparents to hold a discussion with a resident in the office and be able to simply glance up and see what the other children are doing in the main living area. This was not possible before. This is just one of the many benefits to these new renovations.

These important renovations could not have been completed without the financial support and volunteer help provided by many of you. Thank you for blessing Gateway Woods in this way!

Ross is the former Communications Coordinator at Gateway Woods.