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Article by Ross Feller
Former Communications Coordinator

"Where are you, God? Are you even there?" 

There is a good chance that nearly everyone reading this has thought these words at one time or another. Rena, one of the residents at the Pine house was no exception. 

In the midst of Rena pondering the existence of God, Keith and Alisa Beyer, alternate houseparents at Pine, had been doing devotions with the residents. One of the recent lessons had focused on a biblical example of seeking a sign from God. 

Later that day, Rena sat down to join two of the Beyer’s daughters doing some drawing and coloring. At one point Rena looked over and saw one of the girls drawing a heart onto a piece of paper in clear green. A few minutes later she was handed that picture.

Rena looked down, and began to weep! 


The Beyers later found out that Rena, taking their previous devotion to heart, had prayed to God saying, “I will know you exist if, within the next 24 hours, you give me a yellow heart.” 

Rena had even watched the heart being drawn, but seeing that it was in green thought little of it. Upon receiving the paper and looking down though, she was shocked to see that the Beyer’s daughter had chosen to fill it in with a bright, vibrant yellow. 

“I love that story,” Alisa Beyer says, “because it shows God working. And it also is a testimony to the fact that our kids are a part of the ministry in ways that they weren’t even seeking it, God was just using them.”

God works in mysterious ways, wouldn’t you agree?

Ross is the former Communications Coordinator at Gateway Woods.