Angelina's Story

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Article by Ross Feller
Former Communications Coordinator

Angelina is one of those people that you just have to like the moment you meet her. She has boatloads of personality, is outgoing, fun and has an infectious smile. Talking with her you would never know the struggles she has been through, or the difficult times that her and her family have experienced. Though she grew up far from Indiana, this is now a place that she can happily call home.

Angelina never really was allowed to get comfortable in a home. She spent most of her childhood moving from one house or apartment to the next, rarely being there for more than a year. She and her siblings would even sometimes sleep in parks while her parents were off partying or coming down from a high. Her past is full of stories of being moved to and from foster homes, getting evicted from houses due to her parents drug use, moving because of natural disasters, and even coming home from school and finding her house in flames!

Angelina had her share of problems too. Several times she was caught running away from home, and she often turned to drugs and alcohol in order to fit in with her friends. “[My parents] did it, why couldn’t I? They didn’t want me to do it, but they were doing it themselves so I never felt like I needed to stop.”

Eventually Angelina was sent to Gateway Woods, and she saw something that she had not experienced much before. “The people here are a good example of what a Christian should be. My family would say things about God, but their lives didn’t show it.” Angelina saw people’s words and actions lined up, and it started her down the path to change. She was also introduced to a structured environment, which could nurture her growth. She became the first member of her family to graduate high school, and now, thanks in part to a scholarship provided through some caring donors, she is working towards a nursing degree. Angelina also was able to complete her CNA training and is working at a nearby nursing home. “I know if I wasn’t at Gateway Woods I would not be able to do any of this!”

Angelina is preparing to move out on her own soon. She will leave the structure that has become a comfort to her and venture out into the real world. Please be prayerful for Angelina as she takes this difficult step.

"I want to leave and not to disappoint people. People in the church have really showed a lot of love for me, and they really care about what happens to me."

In many ways we will be sad to see Angelina’s personality and joyful spirit leave campus. But at the same time, we are thrilled at the change that we have seen in her life. Now we look forward to see what God will bring about next for her!

Ross is the former Communications Coordinator at Gateway Woods.