Growing YOUTH. Growing Food.

Gateway Farms employs the teens living at Gateway Woods. The resident-turned-farmers are given job opportunities through agricultural avenues such as raising poultry, planting seeds in the greenhouse, working the summer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, or selling at the Market.

"Praying our kids know their Maker more, as they meet Him in the garden."

Summer Subscription is now closed.

Do you want access to seasonal + local produce? Interested in fresh farm eggs? Do you like from-scratch baked goods? What if you could get all that, AND support teens in transition?

With our summer produce subscription, you’ll get 8 shares of seasonal greens, berries, tomatoes, herbs, and just about anything we can find seed and sunshine for. Each share includes about 10 seasonal produce items, as well as half dozen eggs from our pastured hens! A few shares even include from-scratch baked items, typically showcasing our local produce. Most importantly, we do it all with the youth at Gateway Woods, a center for teens in transition. Through Gateway Farms, these teens get to learn some valuable life skills, and earn a buck too! We love veg, but we love our YOUTH more.

Pick-up locations in Leo and Bluffton

  • Leo @ Gateway Woods Campus
  • Bluffton @ Outdoor Concepts
  • 8 pick-ups June-September, every 2 weeks

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    2021 By the Numbers


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    Hours of Skill Development


    I would recommend every resident get involved with Gateway Farms. Overall, I learned that good customer service and great produce go a long way.

    Susan (GW Farms farmer)

    I know I can count on GW Farms to provide good quality produce. The variety of fresh produce is delivered to my door or can be picked up at GW Farms Market. Their mission to empower the residents through farming is something I want to support for a long time.

    Joy (GW Farms customer)

    Raising animals or growing vegetables takes patience and hard work. It’s very rewarding when customers get excited about what I put so much time into.

    Daniel (GW Farms farmer)

    Meet Our Staff

    Eric Bahler

    Eric Bahler

    Gateway Farms Manager

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    Ways to Buy

    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Bins

    The CSA model means that customers buy a “share” of the farm, paying up front for a portion of goods grown. Customers pickup their products at Gateway Farms market every 2 weeks from June to September. In addition to produce grown, byproducts (such as pickles) and baked goods (like lavender scones) also make a delicious appearance. We offer pick-up locations in Leo and Bluffton areas.

    Gateway Farms Farmers Market

    The Market is a roadside stand set up every Thursday through the growing season. Community members can stop by to pick up what's in season — no subscription needed! This is another great way to get fresh seasonal produce on your evening commute home from work. The Market is located on Grabill road at the front of the Gateway Woods campus.

    Get Involved with Gateway Farms

    If you would like to get more involved with Gateway Farms other than subscribing to a CSA or buying at the market. You can always volunteer or donate.


    If you would like to get more involved with Gateway Farms or Gateway Woods. Please visit our volunteer page and fill out the form.

    Common Questions Image

    Common Questions

    All of the farmers at Gateway Farms are residents living at Gateway Woods through residential placement.

    Farmers are typically paid a base hourly pay. Then they receive bonuses based on job performance, and often receive a commission of sold products! Farmer pay differs due to these variables, but most receive minimum wage up to $15/hr!

    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This model means that customers buy a “share” of the farm, paying up front for a portion of goods grown. Customers will come to the Gateway Farms market to pickup their recurring products throughout the season every 2 weeks.

    Email us! Contact us to get all the latest customer opportunities. Join our CSA program, shop the Gateway Farms Market Thursdays 4-6pm on Gateway Woods campus (during the growing season), or get information on how to purchase your Thanksgiving turkey grown by the Gateway farmers.

    Gateway Farms became an official avenue of Gateway Woods in May 2018. However, Gateway Farms existed for 3 years prior as a Houseparent led hobby to provide summer jobs for residents.

    Gateway Farms grows a wide diversity of vegetables, sold at the Gateway Farms Market Thursdays 4-6 on Gateway Woods campus, or received through a summer CSA program. CSA customers also receive baked goods, farm by-products (pepper jelly!), and fresh eggs. Gateway Farms additionally offers proteins throughout the year: pork and Thanksgiving turkeys.