Illinois Adoption Opens

Luci Koch Profile
Article by Luci Koch
Gateway Woods Family Services, IL Executive Director

Several years ago the leadership at Gateway Woods began a journey, a journey that is finally coming to an end. Although, it may be more appropriate to say that it’s a journey that is just beginning. In March of 2014 Gateway Woods Family Services Illinois officially opened to provide adoption services for families residing anywhere in Illinois.

We praise God for His provision over the years as the groundwork was laid to open this Illinois location. He has provided the right staff, location, opportunity and timing for us to serve Christian families in Illinois looking to bring a child into their family. Though at times it seemed like it would take nothing short of a miracle to complete all of the requirements needed, God opened all of the right doors in His time.

Gateway Woods Family Services Illinois provides quality, affordable, and family-focused services for both international and domestic adoptions. Specifically services include:

  • Preparation and education for adoption including training about adoption & cultural issues
  • Home studies
  • Matching children or birth parent(s) with families
  • Pre-and post-adoption support and supervision
  • Court reports

We ask for your prayerful support as the Illinois office opens. We specifically ask for prayers regarding:

  • That God would use us to share His love and help hurting families and children in Illinois
  • Continuing to foster a good relationship with DCFS licensing personnel allowing us to uphold Christian standards
  • The right connections with adoptive families, birth mothers, other agencies, outreach programs and churches in central Illinois

I believe that I speak on behalf of the Gateway staff as we pursue this new mission field when I say that,

Luci is currently the Executive Director at Gateway Woods Family Services in Illinois.