Our Residential program focuses on education, counseling, and spirituality.

Gateway Woods implements a houseparent model approach to nurture struggling youth during their time in our care. The residents are placed for a period of 6-12 months into a specific group home on our campus where they reside under the guidance of an assigned houseparent couple. Houseparent families provide a model of spirituality, family interaction, structure, and support.

Each resident is matched with a Masters-level therapist upon arrival at Gateway Woods. We combine individual and family counseling with the rest of their activities in order to address their unique needs. We also offer an accredited on-grounds educational program, Gateway Woods School, to all of our residents.

We believe that a strong family life includes prayer and modeling Biblical principles. Involvement in a local church and worshiping together are also important parts of our residential program. Through these experiences, residents are introduced to the power of faith in Christ, and learn the reason behind our staff's commitment to and love for them.

"Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety." Proverbs 11:14

The goal of Gateway Woods Residential Care is to serve children who have various struggles such as: oppositional defiant disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, drug and alcohol related issues, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, adjustment disorders and delinquent/pre-delinquent habits. Our goal is to establish clear expectations, end destructive behavioral patterns, and achieve reunification with families.

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It took me a while to realize it, but I know God's working! I have learned that I am no perfect and God has made me a man with a purpose.

David (Former Resident)

When I first came to Gateway, I was an atheist. Now I know there is a God, but I am not sure where we stand yet?

Paula (Former Resident)

Before I came here, I was 15 and was on my way to boy school because I had just plead guilty to 4 felonies. So, I prayed every night in juvenile for 3 months. I asked God to make the best decision possible, whether it was boy school or not. And God blessed me by sending me here.

Neil (Former Resident)

Residential Services

Drug & Alcohol Program

Our Residential treatment facility offers a specific program to assist children dealing with drug and alcohol related struggles. We seek to bring lasting success through the work of our certified counselors, onsite drug testing, structured family-like environment, and relapse prevention planning.

Pregnant Teens & Teen Mothers

Gateway Wood’s family structure provides a nurturing atmosphere for expectant teens and young mothers. The Pregnant Teens & Teen Mothers Program provides parenting skills, counseling, high school and continuing education. This portion of our residential program only accepts youth placed by state agencies.

Counseling Services

Master-level counselors arrange individual, group, and family sessions, while working with group home staff, placing agencies, and/or parents to create an individualized treatment plan for each placement. Counselors work alongside the management team to provide 24/7 support to the residential program.

Private Placements

Although the majority of our youth come by state referrals, Gateway residential welcomes private placements. Family and reunification are pillars to our structure: therefore, we collaborate with private placements and their families to overcome barriers to their function as a family unit.

Maple House
  • Pete & Jolene Zimmerman

    Lead Houseparents (Maple House)

  • Kyle & Lindsey Isch

    Alternate Houseparents (Maple House)

  • Amber Ehnle

    Assistant Houseparent (Maple House)

Cypress House
  • Ben & Christa Stoller

    Lead Houseparents (Cypress House)

  • Mark & Grace Zeller

    Alternate Houseparents (Cypress House)

  • Gabrielle Reutter

    Assistant Houseparent

  • Wyatt Rocke

    Assistant Houseparent

Oak House
  • Phil & Janean Gerber

    Lead Houseparents (Oak House)

  • Nate & Haley Hartman

    Alternate Houseparents (Oak House)

  • Gabriella Wiegand

    Assistant Houseparent (Oak House)


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Common Questions

If you are a parent/guardian who is seeking to place your teen privately at Gateway Woods, please fill out the form above and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible. We have an interview process that will determine if your child will be a good fit for our program.

Every situation is unique, but a typical length of stay is 6-12 months.

Parents and placing agencies are a vital part of the treatment team. Immediately after a child is placed, the counselor will work with the family to set up family counseling and a visit progression. Parents are typically allowed to visit weekly or per the treatment team discretion.

While we utilize cameras and alarm systems to keep your child safe, we do not utilize locks to contain or restrain your child. We are nestled in a 40-acre rural campus. There are no gates, bars, or fences, except for in the Gateway Farms.

Aligning with our family structure and values, "houseparent" is a term for the five staff in each residential house who are responsible for the youth in that house. Houseparents never attempt to replace you as a parent/guardian but are there to guide, care for, and implement the treatment plans for the youth in their house.

Yes! Our LARC Program is set up to help mentor youth as they transition back into the community, whether that is back home, foster care, collaborative care, or some other form of independent living.