Mr. Pfister Makes History

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Article by Connor Pfister
History Teacher

"Gateway has affected me far more than I have affected it. Two objects don’t collide without leaving some mark."

It has been almost 6 years since I came to Gateway. Alas, six years is far too short a time to live and work among such excellent and admirable people. Leaving this mission will be hard for me. I don’t plan to leave until after summer school is over, and I suspect that time will be somewhat sad as I anticipate leaving a place and people I have a heart for and connection with.

My decision was made on strictly logical terms, and below is a small sample of the pros and cons list that I composed to help choose:

Things I will not miss about Gateway:

  • The parking. There are plenty of spaces and all, but there is no variety on the other cars I park next to. Boring.
  • The overwhelming majority of students who believe that Chicago is a state.
  • Counselors eating literally anything that is here at the school without even asking (some houseparents, too).
  • Losing students to terrible situations or as the result of their own poor choices.
  • The lack of choices in post-it note colors. I need more than just blue and yellow.
  • My teacher appreciation cactus. I plan to take it with me, so I won’t be missing it.

Things I will miss about Gateway:

  • Watching the sunrise from the entrance of the school while drinking my coffee. Often, I wave at Chad in his van as he dodges students on the track.
  • My friends.
  • The printer. We’ve gotten to know each other, and letting its capacity and abilities go will be tough.
  • The great quotes, from staff and students alike.
  • Visiting the houses and occasionally swiping fruit.
  • My chair. It has supported me in some tough times.
  • Close relationships with my coworkers.
  • The support I get in the treatment and exceptional care for my students.

I, being a proud man, wish I could see, name, and point to all the ways that I have made an effect here at Gateway. It, however, would be far more accurate for me to write that Gateway has left an indelible mark on me. Gateway has affected me far more than I have affected it. Two objects don’t collide without leaving some mark.

Connor worked as the history teacher for six years at the Gateway Woods School.