Denver & Dad

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Article by Emily Fischer
Communications Administrative Assistant

"A man that has friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24

Seventeen days.

That’s all it took to change 12-year-old Denver’s life forever. Denver’s messy home life had resulted in him being put into foster care until he was able to get back into the care of his biological family. His stay ended up lasting just a little over 2 weeks.

Stephanie, Denver’s foster mom, took him to church a total of 3 times before he left her home to go live with his aunt. Those 3 visits were enough to leave him hungry for more of this Jesus guy. He told his aunt he wanted to keep going to church so they found one to start attending. They even invited his dad along, which he accepted, just for the sake of getting more time with his son.

Denver had always been super close with his dad — having to live away from him was really hard. What started as a way to spend more time with Denver, turned into a rehab experience through the church’s addiction recovery ministry. Three months later, in celebration of 90 days of sobriety, both he and Denver were baptized together. They now share a bond that is closer than father and son: they are brothers in Christ!

"Three months later, in celebration of 90 days of sobriety, both he and Denver were baptized together."

If all you had was 17 days to pour love into someone, would you do it, not knowing if your efforts will make an impact? There are nearly 15,000 kids just in Indiana waiting for you to be a Stephanie to them today.

Emily is currently the Communications Administrative Assistant for Gateway Woods. She has also worked as the Office Secretary.