Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

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Article by Emily Fischer
Communications Administrative Assistant

Baby Brantley* was only a year old when he experienced his first broken bone — an arm. The break was mysterious enough that he and his four other siblings were split up across three different foster homes. It’s only been a few months but it’s time for him to return to his biological family. With her last visit to the foster family, Brantley’s Foster Care Case Manager prays with the foster parents over Brantley — for his return home and whatever his future may hold. As his foster mom drops him off with his mommy, she asks for permission to do the same. Brantley’s whole family was covered in prayer that day.

"I love that I get to walk alongside foster parents who walk by faith and not by sight."

Today, Brantley is living reunited with his parents and all of his siblings and they are doing well. Brantley’s mommy is excited to take them all to church soon with a friend that invited her. Brantley may not know it yet, but this experience has changed his life forever. Even if that one prayer prayed over Brantley and his mom the day they were reunited plants one seed in any heart involved in the situation, this hard experience was worth it. Kingdom work always is.

"I love that I get to walk alongside foster parents who walk by faith and not by sight," says Michelle, the aforementioned Foster Care Case Manager. "This work can be hard emotionally so it’s nice to have co-laborers that trust in the Lord first and foremost."

*Names changed for privacy.

Emily is currently the Communications Administrative Assistant for Gateway Woods. She has also worked as the Office Secretary.