The Unseen Daily Battle

Emily Fischer Profile
Article by Emily Fischer
Communications Administrative Assistant

One of the biggest blessings I’ve received in working at Gateway Woods is the ability to turn to prayer in an instant with my co-laborers.

Nothing is so important that it can’t be interrupted by prayer — ever.

Three months into marriage, my husband lost his job. I broke down in my supervisor’s office – we brought it before the Lord. A friend of a friend lost his best friend to suicide – we gave it to God. A Gateway Woods Representative’s young son has a near-fatal accident when a tree falls on him – an email went out and prayers ascended. A Team 224 bicyclist gets swiped by a car – a phone call and 5 minutes later, all of campus is praying, including our Auction volunteers and our board of directors who were in the middle of various committee meetings. A coworker who is usually upbeat walks into the office so downtrodden from a recent turn of events that he couldn’t even muster up his usual contagious smile – intercession by his team is the first resort.

Were all of the prayers that we lifted answered in the way we wanted? No. But they were answered in the way we needed. And each time we prayed, it reminded me to put the control back into God’s hands (where it belongs), instead of continuing to worry over it myself.

I weep with joy at the thought of being alongside these brothers and sisters in the battle we call life, and the ministry of Gateway Woods. It truly is a battle – we are fighting the unseen every day. And we’re praying for more warriors to join us. Will you pray with us? Would you like to join the battle? If you don't already have it please download the AC Central app on your device; there you will get prayer requests for Gateway Woods along with the other Apostolic Christian missions.

Emily is currently the Communications Administrative Assistant for Gateway Woods. She has also worked as the Office Secretary.