The Phone Call

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Article by Jon Ringger
Communications Coordinator


Hello?…Hey Jon this is Jeff.

That was the start of a phone call I had with a past resident of mine when I used to be a houseparent. I wasn’t expecting it and I almost didn’t answer it because I didn’t recognize the number.

"Gateway is truly unique." At Gateway relationships are important. At my last place I can't say that I developed any relationships.

We talked for about 20 minutes and it literally made my day. Jeff was a great resident to work with and I enjoyed our time with him. He was a hard worker and just loved to have fun. Unfortunately for Jeff things didn’t end well for him at Gateway and he was sent to another treatment facility.

Back to the phone call, he called to tell me he was back home and looking for a job and he wanted to use me as a reference. Jeff went on to tell me, about the differences between Gateway and the other treatment facility. He said, “Gateway is truly unique.” At Gateway relationships are important. At my last place I can’t say that I developed any meaningful relationships.

It never ceases to amaze me how God never gives up even when we as his vessels see no light at the end of the tunnel or hope around the next corner. That is the beauty of God — his perspective is so true and clear. He sees the whole picture when we only see a small detail.

Jon is currently the Communications Coordinator at Gateway Woods. He has also worked as a Houseparent.