Showing Up

Alyssa Knobloch Profile
Article by Alyssa Knobloch
Former Assistant Houseparent

When I first was contacted about coming to Gateway, my first thought was “thanks, but no.” I really didn’t know much about Gateway, other than that they worked with troubled teens. My personal experience with a father addicted to alcohol, gave me a heart for kids from broken families. But teens?! I felt completely unqualified and didn’t think I had much of anything to offer. I also wasn’t sure I was ready to use the pain and experience in my life to help someone else. Yet with the persistence of a dear sister in Christ and God reassuring me that He’s got this all under control, I chose to trust God and apply for the assistant houseparent position.

That was four years ago! It has been an incredible journey and I am so, so thankful for God’s strength and provision each step of the way!  There was many times I had no idea how to handle a situation or how to address an issue with a resident. The lives of a lot of these kids are so heart breaking and it’s hard to know how I can speak into their lives. The truth is that without God, we are totally incapable of helping these kids! His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

It isn’t a matter of feeling qualified or feeling like you can make a difference.

It’s being willing
It’s being available
It’s a matter of showing up.

God takes care of the rest! It is only through His grace, His mercy, His strength, and His power that lives can be changed. Praise God!

It’s truly been an honor to serve at Gateway Woods and to have joined my co-workers in the fight for the redemption of souls.

Alyssa served as an Assistant Houseparent at Gateway Woods for four years.