Another Dropout

Janice Anliker Profile
Article by Janice Anliker
Director of Education

Recently, I was out to eat for dinner with a former co-worker. I caught the eye of a former resident that I knew when I was an after-school tutor in the Residential houses. He came over to say hello but soon wandered off with his girlfriend. Before he left, he stopped by our table again and informed me that he had dropped out of school. He seemed disappointed in himself, so I told him about two students who took the High School Equivalency (HSE) because we had just received their passing scores that same day. He asked if I would help him, so I gave him my number not really expecting that I would hear from him.

"His motivation continued and within one month, he also passed his HSE!"

Before 8:30 the following morning, he was texting me to ask if we could start studying that day. His motivation continued and within one month, he also passed his HSE! I am thankful that the influence of Gateway Woods does not end with their time on our campus. Even when they are feeling vulnerable, former residents trust that if they reach out to Gateway, they can still find help.

Janice, is currently serving in a supporting role in our Residential Program. She has previously been our Director of Education, a teacher at the Gateway Woods School and volunteered as a tutor.