The Father's Bidding

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Article by Sarena Wahl
Assistant Houseparent

Thank you for blessing us with over $550,000 at the 40th Annual Auction!

Thousands of attendees joined us for the 2016 Annual Gateway Woods Benefit Auction. The gift campus receives Auction day is not only financial; it is an impressive, visual reminder of the love and prayers we receive throughout the year. Your support impacts the lives of hurting families and children while providing a safe Gateway community—a community conducive to a family model. Because of this model, Ian Ringger (7) also gets to be a part of Gateway Woods, living life while observing other staff shine their lights daily!

Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

What do you think about Gateway?

I've been a houseparent kid for 2.5 (1.5) years. It's fun because I get to play with friends, and I get a big house! In the summer, I like Kids Kamp and the Auction. They have the Auction so they can raise money for Gateway Woods.

Tell me about the Auction.

First, for the Auction, all the people that were singing went to Maple to sing the last time before they sang in front of the crowd. When all the people were singing, I was at my Uncle Jon's shirt and hat store that has all the Gateway stuff. My mom brought me $1 and I used that $1 to buy something at the candy store. Then, my Grandma asked me to get some ice cream for her and my Grandpa. Then, I got some for me and my brother. Then, I got another $1 and went to the candy store for the second time! Then, my dad took me into the green and white tent and we looked for some Lego sets. We bought a BIG, GINORMOUS Lego set! It had a ship on top of it that could fly off! It was on the silent auction - my dad writed it (the bid amount) when we had a couple minutes left. It didn't change so we could just go to the table and grab it off the table. I like the auction because there's pizza, snacks, and a whole bunch of kids I can be friends with!

Why are you at Gateway?

Because God asked my Mom and Dad to come here!

The 2017 Auction is scheduled for Saturday, August 5th.

Sarena served as an Assistant Houseparent at Gateway Woods. She also has been a Gateway Woods Rep for West Lafayette Apostolic Christian Church.