We have over 20 years of experience building families through adoption.

The Indiana Adoption Program started in 2001 with a call from a family asking if Gateway Woods could complete their home study for an intercountry adoption from Ukraine. Gateway Woods, then already a licensed child-placing agency, began providing adoption home study services. The Adoption Program officially opened with board approval in 2003. Since that time, Gateway Woods Family Services has completed over 600 intercountry and domestic home studies and been involved in the placement of over 400 children domestically and from all over the world. Gateway Woods Family Services collaborates with intercountry placement agencies throughout the United States to place children in homes. Gateway Woods Family Services has helped place children from over 25 different countries with families from Indiana and Illinois. The adoption services were expanded to Illinois in 2014. In 2016, Gateway Woods developed AdoptionGateway.org as a service brand for the growing needs of our adoption program. For domestic adoption, Gateway Woods Family Services works with Expectant/Birth parents in the United States to place children in Indiana and Illinois.


If you are looking to adopt or would like to place your child please visit our adoption website: AdoptionGateway.org today.

"For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but of adoption, whereby we cry Abba, Father." Romans 8:15

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Intercountry & Domestic Placements

Adoption Gateway

In the fall of 2016, we decided that our adoption program was expanding faster than we could keep up. So we decided to develop a separate brand and website for our adoption program, AdoptionGateway.org. This allows us to have a place where birthmoms and adoptive families can visit and get the information and peace of mind they need when dealing with the large decision of adoption.


The staff at Gateway Woods has walked with our family through six adoptions – both domestic and international. They have been there to answer questions, give advice, and celebrate joy-filled milestones. Our relationship with Gateway has continued even after our children have arrived home. We know we can turn to them for support at anytime!

Tonya (Adoptive Parent)

Gateway Woods is A loving Christian based organization as well as all of your adoptive parent options. There is no judgement...it doesn't change how they look at you no matter what you have done or what you have been through you are loved all the same as well as your child. Gateway Woods has a large variety of beautiful hearted parents awaiting your beautiful child. Adoption through Gateway Woods is a great option.

Sue (Birth Mother)

Almost ten years ago, you came to our aid and pushed a home study through in record time for us to be able to adopt our son, who was born in PA two weeks after we found out about him. We are still so very grateful for the kind, efficient way you helped us out and aided us through the process. We have referred various of our friends to you over the years, because we knew they'd be in good hands if they chose to work with you!

Judy (Adoptive Parent)

Meet Our Staff

Dan Sparling

Dan Sparling

Director of Child Placement

Shanna Conner

Shanna Conner

Adoption Supervisor

Beth Ringger

Beth Ringger

Adoption Case Manager

Nichole Suvar

Nichole Suvar

Child Placement Systems Coordinator

Adoption Family

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Types of Adoption

Domestic Adoption

The Indiana Adoption Program provides adoption services to adoptive families from Indiana only but places infants or children from Indiana and adjoining states in adoptive homes. If you would like more information please visit our Adoption website.

Intercountry Adoption

In 2013 Gateway Woods Adoption Program earned Hague Accreditation meaning we can complete home studies and post adoption services for any country in the world that places children in the United States for adoption. For more information on the accrediting organization please visit the Department of State's website and COA's website. If you would like more information please visit our Adoption website.

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Common Questions

Personal Commitment to Jesus Christ and actively involved in a church. Mature Christian couple married at least 2 years and at least 21 years of age and a stable income. Stable and loving environment with a real love and commitment to children. Meet the Indiana state adoption standards and child’s country of origin standards (intercountry adoption).

One is not better than the other but intercountry adoption is a better match for some families and domestic adoption is a better match for other families. For intercountry adoption the adoptive family must have an interest and desire to learn about other cultures, be willing to adopt a toddler or older child or a sibling group, be willing to travel to their child’s country of origin, be willing to complete extensive paperwork, and have patience after placement for their child’s transition to a new culture, language, and living situation. For domestic adoption the adoptive family must desire to adopt a newborn infant, be willing to be involved and minister to the expectant parents, and understand that the expectant mother may change her mind about adoption placement.

A home study is an evaluation of your family to make sure you have the right motives to adopt, are a stable, loving family for a child, have adequate space and a safe home for a child, and have the abilities to parent the child you desire to adopt especially a child with special needs. You do not have to know if you are adopting domestic or intercountry to start the process as we can give you information to help you make this decision and the paperwork for the home study is essentially the same for domestic or intercountry adoption.

China is the most popular country as there are so many special needs children available from infancy to teens, and from mild correctable special needs to severe special needs. China’s adoption program is also very stable with most children receiving loving care, and only involves one trip of 10-14 days for placement.

There is no cost for you. With all the stress of the pregnancy we can help take away the stresses of worrying about your electric bill or other basic living costs.

Yes! By choosing private adoption, you will be able to choose a family, meet the family, and decide on the best adoption plan for you and your child or children. It is never too late to choose adoption.

It is rare if a woman feels sure and normal to have very mixed feelings in this life-changing decision. We can talk to you and help you work through your options.

You can choose an adoptive family after reviewing adoptive family profiles. The family profiles give you pictures and other information about the adoptive family such as why they want to adopt your baby, their personalities, hobbies and interests, education, occupations, their home, and Christian faith. You can choose a family that you feel is the best match for your child.

Our agency visits your child and the adoptive family in their home at least twice within the first year, in addition to frequent phone contact. We require that the adoptive family take your child to a pediatrician for medical exams and a developmental assessment. We help the adoptive family obtain evaluations from medical or child development specialists if there are any medical or developmental concerns and obtain any recommended services.