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We are thrilled to announce the hiring of Heidi Carter as the LARC coordinator to assist Rob Parker our new LARC Manager! Heidi has an amazing passion for the hurting and for the gospel. We are so excited for her to be a part of our team.

Gateway Woods has always sought to provide clients the ability to engage in long-term relationships with people who care about their well-being. We often see that the clients we serve would benefit significantly from continued mentoring, support and accountability after their time in our care.

The newly established Linking to Attain Responsibility and Community (LARC) Program seeks to continue this part of our vision by developing organic networks that allow concerned and willing community members to become involved in past clients lives in meaningful ways. The LARC Program will not directly provide services to children and/or families, but rather facilitate the connection of those with needs to Christian mentors, employers, and resources willing and able to help.

An example of the relationships that will be built through the LARC Program would include facilitating a connection between a former client who has artistic skills with the owners of a local cake baking and decorating shop who have expressed interest in investing in the life of someone in need. This relationship would provide the opportunity for the owners to provide guidance and a valuable work experience to the former client. At the same time, this same individual could also be connected with a Christian mentor from their local community who has a heart to help young people who are transitioning to independence.

If you are interested in the LARC program you can contact Rob Parker at 260.376.1719 or via the email form below.