Strong Trees Grow Slow

Music by former Administrator Tim Sauder available on CD to benefit Gateway.

Strong Trees Grow Slow CD

Note from remastered version:

By the time we married in 1978, the Lord had already inspired a collection of original songs and a vision to record. Landing in a musical family and then among new friends at the University of Illinois supplied the additional musicians, singers and artists who made the project feasible and the timing right. By Christmas 1980 the records were ready to be distributed through a volunteer network of friends across the country.

Strong Trees Grow Slow was to be our only album. And that’s ok. Though music has been a constant part of our lives since then, composing and recording have not been so common. We got busy and distracted...with life.

"We raised a bunch of kids (not all ours), moved several times, traveled to countless places, and received overflowing blessings as our great God and multitudes of dear people poured deeply into our lives."

The decades have been punctuated with encouragements from friends and family as well as from many folks who we’ve never met about the impact of the songs. Sometimes years later, we’ve learned how the music was a factor in a soul being saved or lifted during a spiritual trial. And every so often someone will share that their old cassettes, LPs, and turntable are long gone and ask if Strong Trees is available on CD or for download: Apple Music | Google Play | Amazon. Well, here it is. Thanks for your patience.

Because all costs for this re-mastered version have been covered, 100% of your donation goes to Gateway Woods, a children’s ministry we care deeply about.

Gratefully, Tim and Jenny