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The love of a family is one of the strongest influences a child or teenager can ever experience. There is power in the approving words of a father, the caring affection of a mother, and the helpful support of siblings. Sadly, hundreds of thousands of children are not born into a healthy, nurturing environment such as this. Gateway Woods Foster Care is meant to provide an avenue to connect caring Christian foster parents with children who need this positive influence in their lives.

The Gateway Woods Foster Care Program provides services to equip Christian foster parents with appropriate training and resources to be successful.

Our Foster Care Services

Our Foster Care staff is committed to meeting the needs of our foster children and foster parents through frequent contact and visits with families & service providers. We provide a number of services including:

  • Foster care training and licensing
  • Individual case management support
  • Foster child placement
  • Foster-to-adopt
  • Support and connection with Christian staff and other foster parents
  • Specific foster child support and mentoring

See the Need Help? section for more information about becoming a Foster Parent.