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Donations allow us to provide quality services at a low cost to public agencies and at virtually no cost to private families. We are one of only several children's homes with this capability. In fact, many of our services are provided free of charge. Gateway Woods needs your support to continue to 'turn lives around.'

There are many ways that you can be an advocate for the children and families we serve on a daily basis. If you wish, you can donate to either our general operating fund or you can specify that your gift go to a specific program in our ministry. All financial gifts and non-cash donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt for your records. You may make a donation to Gateway Woods in one of the following ways:

Donate Online
Click here to donate online

Automated Giving via Electronic Funds Transfer
Click here to download the EFT Form so that we can set up recurring monthly debits from your checking or savings account. Please fill out the form and then mail it to us.

By Mail
Donations can be made by sending a check made payable to:
Gateway Woods, P.O. Box 151, Leo, IN 46765.
Please include a note with your check indicating your preference of where your gift should be used.

Promise Fund Yearly Giving
Interested in giving to the Promise Fund over a multi-year period? Click here to download the Intention to Give form.

Other Ways to Give

Your Will
Every adult should have a will. With a will, you are able to extend your Christian stewardship values beyond your lifetime. It is important that you, not the government, dictate how your money will be dispersed.

Gifts of Stock
Turn your investments into cash without losing a large portion of capital gains to taxes. A gift of stock gives you an immediate charitable tax deduction.

Farm Commodities
Farming presents special opportunities to make donations and reduce taxes. By donating a farm commodity, you qualify for a business deduction for your cost of production. You may also reduce your self-employment tax.

Gift Annuities
This is a great way to help Gateway Woods while securing your future. It provides guaranteed fixed payments for life and frees you from managing funds that you intend to eventually give away.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust
By giving securities or real estate through a Charitable Remainder Unitrust, you benefit substantially with an immediate tax deduction, plus you avoid tax on the appreciated value.

Matching Gifts
Many companies offer matching donations towards charitable organizations.

We can also work in cooperation with numerous professionals, including The Apostolic Christian Endowment and The Mennonite Foundation, to facilitate certain planned gifts.