We would like to thank our representatives for working hard on our behalf.

We would like to thank our representatives for all of the hard work they do for Gateway Woods in their home churches and communities. The Auction and our day-to-day activities would not be possible without your representation. This page is meant to be a resource for you to use to help make your job easier.

Auction IT is open again with your Auction results.


Working at Gateway has opened doors and allowed me to invest in the lives of hurting teens. God is truly at work on the Gateway campus.

Brad (Former Top Quality Coordinator)

I used to be depressed and alone all the time. Here I have a safe place where I can talk to my houseparents and counselor about things. I'm learning that it's good to open up about my struggles.

Jenni (Former Resident)

It makes a huge difference when volunteers come out. It's great when they work with us and play Frisbee with us and stuff. We notice.

Xavier (Former Resident)

Important Events



Representative Meeting

Please join us on campus for a closer peak into the day-to-day mission of Gateway Woods.




Join thousands of friends of Gateway Woods on our campus in Leo, Indiana for a wonderful day of fellowship and giving!



Hog & Jog

The mission of the Hog & Jog is to promote a healthy lifestyle, experience triumph, and build community through a shared event.

Documents & Materials

I have uploaded several documents that you may find useful throughout the year. These will be updated periodically. Please feel free to contact me if you any other documents you would like me to place here.

Gateway Careers

Career Openings

Thank you for helping us to spread the word about the current job openings available at Gateway Woods. We currently have four career positions available, and information about each opening can be found at our careers page.

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Rep Form

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Monthly prayers from each of our six programs.


Pray for Charla as she considers all her options for this pregnancy. Pray that she chooses life and finds support for her decision.

Foster Care

We have a sibling set, Nasir and Stormi, who will be moving from their foster home to a preadoptive home. Please pray for this transition as it can be difficult for both the kids and families involved.

Home Based

Please pray for a home based client who recently gave up her parental rights. Pray that God would reveal himself to her during her time of mourning and adjustment.


Please pray for God to open up good, safe housing options for several residents that are ready to leave Gateway.


New residential CARF accreditation ongoing (on-site visit next summer): Pray that we would be able to thoroughly prepare for this, and that it will show that we glorify God in our commitments to follow the rules set for us.


We would like prayers for our upcoming ACSI accreditation and for a successful end to the semester for our students.

What We Do

Gateway Woods offers Christ-centered family services.

Who We Are

Gateway Woods has a Christian staff and culture.

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Join us in this narrative of "Turning Lives Around."