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The Gateway Woods Residential Program addresses the needs of three distinct groups:

Abused, Neglected or Delinquent Teens

We treat children with issues such as oppositional/defiant behavior, depression, and eating disorders, among others. Our goal is to end destructive behavioral patterns and achieve reunification or independence with their families.

Drug & Alcohol Related Issues

Our Residential treatment facility offers a specific program to assist children dealing with drug and alcohol related struggles. We seek to bring lasting success through the work of our certified therapists, onsite drug testing, highly structured family-like environment, and relapse prevention planning.

Young Mothers & Teen Pregnancy

We offer a specific program for pregnant teen girls and teen mothers. These are girls who need the structure, education, and therapy offered in a residential treatment setting. They are also expecting a baby or caring for a small child. The Young Mothers & Teen Pregnancy portion of our Residential Program only accepts children placed by state agencies.

Education, Counseling and Spirituality

Gateway Woods implements a houseparent model approach to nurture struggling children during their time in our care. The children are placed for a period of 6-12 months into a specific group home on our campus where they reside under the guidance of an assigned houseparent couple. Houseparent families provide a model of spirituality, family interaction, structure, and support.

Each resident is also carefully matched with a Masters-level therapist upon arrival at Gateway Woods. We combine individual and family counseling with the rest of the child’s activities in order to address his or her unique needs. We also offer an accredited on-grounds educational program, Gateway Woods School, to all of our residents.

We believe that a strong family life includes prayer and modeling Biblical principles. Involvement in a local church and worshiping together are also important parts of our residential program. Through these experiences, residents are introduced to the power of faith in Christ, and learn the reason behind our staff's commitment to and love for them.

If you would like more information about placing your child in our Residential Program, please visit our Need Help? section.