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Our Board of Directors and Staff are committed to delivering quality and compassionate care in each of our five services as we pursue our mission: "To honor and obey God by providing help and healing to troubled children and families who then may bless others." Our leadership is committed to wise planning and faithful stewardship in every decision made.

Board Members
Chairman: Brian Furrer, IN
Vice Chairman: Ken Roth, IL
Treasurer: Marvin Beer, OH
Secretary: Dave Schumacher, IL
Board: Warren Rauhe, MI
           Jeff McAfee, IN
           Don Lehman, IN
           Gary Rassi, IL
           Brent Stoller, IL
           Jason Kilgus, IN
           Carlton Schlatter, OH         

Key Management
Ed Graf, Executive Director
Mark Maibach, Chief Financial Officer
Clint Plattner, Residential Program Manager
Jeff Waibel, Director of Clinical Services
Jan Baumgartner, Adoption Manager
Adam McAfee, Director of Education
Britni Eisenmann, Foster Care Program Manager
Rob Parker, LARC Manager