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The goal of Gateway Woods Residential Care is to serve children struggling with various issues such as oppositional/defiant behavior, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, drug and alcohol related issues, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and delinquent/pre-delinquent habits. Our goal is to establish clear expectations, end destructive behavioral patterns, and achieve reunification with families.

During his or her time at Gateway Woods, children are paired with a houseparent couple on our campus. While here, the child will live with, eat with, and quite literally do life with this houseparent couple. Every resident is assigned a Masters-level therapist upon his or her arrival at Gateway Woods as well. By combining these efforts, along with the work of the education team at Gateway Woods School, we seek to treat the whole child in order to bring lasting change. 

Placing your child with us

Gateway Wood has a beautiful 50-acre campus near Ft. Wayne, IN. We have five family group homes that serve a capacity of 32 residents between the ages of 12-19. If you wish, you can find more information about our Residential Program here.

Residential placement is a very big step for your child and family. Depending on the situation, there may be several other, less costly and intensive options which could be helpful. Please consider trying other services such as individual counseling, family counseling, and Home-Based Services before resorting to residential care.

Contact and Questions

For information about placing your child in our Residential Program at Gateway Woods, or to see if Residential Care is the best option for you, please contact Jeff Waibel:

  • Toll free at 888.443.4283
  • Locally at 260.627.0220
  • Through email via the form below

Jeff will be able to help guide you through the decision making process to place your child in residential treatment, and fill you in on the intake process.

Gateway Woods Residential Program Openings

These openings were last updated on February 10, 2016

  Male Openings Female Openings
Residential Public Openings (reserved for placement from agencies) 1 0
Residential Private Openings (reserved for families) 0 0
Residential Openings for Pregnant Teens or Teen Moms (agencies only) n/a 1