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Gateway Woods Home-Based Services is a distinctively Christian program that revolves around one concept: the family. This program is designed to work intensively with families before major problems occur (preventative), while a child is in placement (concurrent), or as a continuing support after a child returns home (aftercare).

Types of Care

Preventative Care

All families go through difficult times. However, certain serious situations require help from experienced family workers. In the Preventive Care phase, we work with a family before a child is removed from his/her home as a way of strengthening the family and preventing the child's removal.

Concurrent Care

When a child has been removed from the home, families often continue to experience great difficulty. Our home-based workers act in cooperation with the out-of-home placement and the family to help prepare for the child¹s return home. Our workers can provide whatever help the family might need in order to ensure that reunification will happen as quickly and as safely as possible.


In the time surrounding a child¹s return home from an out-of-home placement, the Home-Based worker works with the family in their home to ensure a smooth and safe transition. The focus is on providing continuity of care, solidifying gains, preventing a return to out-of-home placement, and preventing involvement with law enforcement.

See the Need Help? section for more information about the help we can provide you through our Home-Based Services.