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Families & Futures for Children 
For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Job 14:7

Gateway Woods Foster Care provides a Christian family for a forgotten and hurting child. “Families and futures for children” means that our foster homes provide the necessary care and support to a child who desperately needs it and an opportunity to change the course of that child’s life. It means to give commitment and care that is demonstrated through continued service and sacrifice when the going gets tough. Most importantly, a Christian foster family shares Christ’s love to the confused world of a foster child.

Types of Children in Foster Care

Foster children can include infants through youth 18 years of age. These are children of different races and ethnicities and include those who have been neglected or abused. Foster children can also include juvenile delinquents, pregnant teens or teen mothers, and children with physical or mental disabilities. Due to inconsistent care throughout their life, many foster children are delayed academically, socially, or mentally and require extra care and attention.

Foster children may come into foster care directly from their family home where there was found to be neglect or abuse. They also come from several different places such as other foster homes, group homes, or a behavioral health setting. Some children only need a brief stay in a foster home, but in other cases, foster care is the long-term plan for the child. Foster placements can last from a couple weeks up to several years.

Gateway Woods' Role

Gateway Woods places a high emphasis on carefully matching the child’s needs with the abilities and desires of the foster family. Families are asked their preferences for foster placements during the licensing process and have the right to turn down any placement offered to them. The decision to place a child is mutual between Gateway Woods, the foster family, and the referring agency such as the Department of Child Services or the Probation Department. Whenever possible, sibling groups are placed in the same foster home.

Gateway Woods Foster Care offers a high level of care and support to our foster parents that can only be found in a private, Christian agency like ours. Our trained and educated case managers are available 24/7 to answer questions, give advice, and help in any way they can. We also offer a network of our current foster parents to connect with, share experiences with,and provide respite care. We value the hard work of our foster parents and make it our mission to see they are supported to the best of our ability!

Foster Parent Requirements

Gateway Woods is looking for foster parents in the Northeast Indiana region with the following qualifications:

  • Christian couple or single over the age of 21
  • Personal commitment to Jesus Christ and regular church attendance
  • Adequate income
  • Sincere desire and commitment to foster children
  • Open to learning and growing

Contact and Questions

If you would like to bring the mission field into your own home by becoming a foster parent, please contact our Foster Care manager Britni Eisenmann:

  • Toll free at 888.443.4283
  • Locally at 260.627.0220
  • Through email via the form below

Britni will be able to help guide you through the process of becoming Foster Parents.