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What adoption services are available?
Gateway Woods provides quality and affordable adoption services for both international and domestic adoptions to persons living in central and northern Indiana.
Our services include:

  • Personalized adoption training
  • Home studies
  • Matching children with families
  • Pre and post-adoption supervision
  • Court reports (to birth country if international).

Gateway Woods also provides legal adoption services free of charge to pregnant teens and work with you to help find a stable, Christian family for your child.

Who can adopt through Gateway Woods?
Those who wish to adopt through Gateway Woods must be a mature couple or single with a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and are actively involved in a church. They must be able to provide a stable and loving home environment, with an openness to growing and learning about other countries and cultures. Lastly, they must have a deep love and commitment to children.

What rates do you charge for adoption services?
This information is available in the Need Help? section

If you have additional questions feel free to contact our Adoption Manager Jan Baumgartner at 260.627.0220 or via the email form below.